my wedding dress

The Dr. and Mrs. are back ;-)

Some of my readers who are not on Facebook sent their congratulations by email, which was very sweet... they also asked if I could post my dress here, so here you go :)

Gucci Wedding Dress
It had to be Gucci and once I tried it on, I knew it had to be the blue Gucci.  It's classic, elegant and sexy... and it was the perfect dress for this second-time bride!

Gucci Wedding Dress
I was afraid that once our wedding day was here, I'd regret not choosing something more bridal, but it was absolutely the right choice.  Our photographer loved my colors, but when someone stopped us to ask which magazine we were shooting for, I knew I'd done very well :)

Christian Louboutin Wedding Shoes
Every bride needs a pair of glass slippers... I love Italian clothing, but nobody does accessories like the French.  I carried a simple hand-tied bouquet of red Gerber Daisies, which matched the soles of my Louboutins!

The wedding trip didn't go exactly as planned, but we left Gibraltar married and now it's all part of our lifestory; it happened as it was meant to.  I'll dish all of the gory details in my upcoming wedding diaries posts!

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