wedding jewelry: our rings

Now you've seen all of our wedding jewelry, except the most obvious pieces... the rings!

I've been back and forth on what to do about my ring because Jackie's design doesn't really allow for a wedding band, which left me with two options:

1) Have a thin platinum band made to fit under the face of the ring.
2) Retire Jackie to occasional wear and choose an entirely different wedding ring.

The first option seemed a bit silly because I'm not hellbent on having a wedding band and because no one would know it was there except me (and the guy who put it there).

I loved Jackie the first time I saw her in the shop window and she's the one Robert slipped onto my finger in Bellagio, so relegating her to my jewelry box seemed sad and unnecessary.  She's become a part of me... and our history, and so she will be my wedding ring.

Vintage Sapphire Engagement Ring
Jackie (Kennedy) is a vintage 1940's platinum, diamond, and deep blue hexagonal-cut sapphire ring.  Because of her age, she's very fragile and had to be repaired last month, so she might not be viable for longterm daily wear, but we'll see.

Robert's ring is a medium-weight 4mm platinum court-shaped wedding band, made by Farringdons Jewellery in London's Hatton Garden jewelry district and I think it's so sweet that he keeps trying it on :)  

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