elizabeth taylor

I posted a sneak peek of my newest lady to my Facebook page last week, now here's the finished ring... another bespoke piece made by Farringdons Jewellery in London's Hatton Garden.

1960s Diamond Cocktail Ring
Last month in London, I tried on a fabulous 1960's cocktail ring which had unfortunately been set with Victorian era diamonds.  I loved the ring, but the diamonds were a deal-breaker.

So, I asked if Farringdons' goldsmith could copy the ring using modern brilliant cut diamonds, and a month later she's on my finger!

1960's Diamond Cocktail Ring
She's so Mad Men... just under five carats, consisting of 18 quarter carat stones and one slightly larger stone at the center, set in platinum.  Perfect to wear whilst sipping martinis in a little black dress!

I'm not usually into replicas, but this was a perfect opportunity to reuse the diamonds from my old eternity band and since Elizabeth Taylor was infamous for her jewelry collection... and her eight marriages (though Robert hopes I'll stop at two), this ring could have no other name :)

P.S. She's coming to the wedding, on my right hand!

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