second-time bride: red dresses

In my mind's eye I saw a crystal clear vision of me as a December bride.  It was always going to be a red dress, a white faux fur, my Christian Louboutins, and a hand-tied bouquet of white roses.

Red is my color!  I drive a red car.  I ride a red bike.  The soles of my favorite shoes are red.  My favorite dress is red.  I wear red lipstick. My next Louis Vuitton handbag will be red.  As colors go, I can't ask for a more kindred spirit than red.

But do I want to get married in Gibraltar, in red, without a faux fur?  Truth be told, one of the reasons I wanted a December wedding was so I could wear a red dress and white faux fur... the whole outfit hinges on the fur.

While I'm trying to sort out with myself whether I still want to get married in red despite the fact that Gibraltar is hot and there won't be a faux fur in sight, I'll leave you with my top choices for red wedding dresses...

Secondtime Red Valentino Wedding Dress
Let's start with this little red Valentino!  It's got my favorite a-line silhouette and an open back, which would be perfect in the Gibraltar heat, but I can't decide how I feel about the ruffles.  I'm not a very ruffly girl, but they're Valentino ruffles ;-)

Secondtime Red Wedding Dress
This dress lacks a designer pedigree, but its curve-hugging style and fabric is a combo that works almost too well on my hourglass figure.  However, I don't want to risk giving the good Dr. a heart attack before he says, "I do."

Secondtime Red Gucci Wedding Dress
Remember that Gucci dress?  It comes in red!!!

Secondtime Red Wedding Dress
Another classic silhouette by a no name designer.  My sweet sister has offered to make me a white shawl to go with this one, which could make it the warm climate adaptation of my original outfit.

Secondtime Red Prada Wedding Dress
Prada, in my color, in a classic early 60's silhouette!

Secondtime Red Armani Wedding Dress

OK, this dress would be 100 kinds of wrong on me, but I had to post it because if a dress could be dessert, it would look like this.... isn't it delicious?

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