full circle

Four years and sixteen days ago, I finally got the keys to Vesterled. 

My shipping container was still somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic and I remember sitting on the floor drinking that bottle of champagne, still in disbelief that I'd actually pulled the whole thing off!

I have a similar feeling tonight, for different reasons ;-)

Danish Livingroom
If Little Edie is me as a ring, then this was me as a room.  This space has gone from cream to Kate Spade pink and back to cream

The charity shop came today to pick up a couple of pieces of furniture and other things, and it occurred to me that everything I was donating had originally come from that shop. How cool is that?

I supported a charity instead of a corporation, enjoyed things that had already been loved by someone else,  then gave them back for someone else to use and enjoy.  Fiscally and environmentally responsible... I might be feeling a little smug about that!

The movers will be here on Sunday morning, and this room will once again be a blank canvas.  I hope the new owner will love this space as much as I have...

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