bellagio, italy

Of all the places in the world, I still can't believe Robert whisked me away to Lake Como and proposed with a vintage ring over one of the most spectacular views of the Lake!

He totally gets me :)

We stayed on a mountainside in Bellagio, which can be touristy, but not this early in the season.  It was the perfect time of year, because it was still quiet and the days were warm, yet we could still see snow on top of the Alps, which was a beautiful contrast to the sun and palm trees below.

I love traveling in low season because the crowds are thin and the locals tend to be a bit more friendly.  One afternoon, the GPS led us astray as we were looking for a market.  Robert asked for directions and instead of giving us directions, the gentleman told us to follow him, and led us right to the market!

Experiences like that are some of my favorite parts of traveling, the simple kindness of strangers makes such a difference.

Here are some of my favorite photos from our days in Bellagio...

Bellagio feels like the type of glamorous old school lakeside resort you see on vintage travel posters!

The view from our bed!

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