little edie

Isn't she spectacular???  She's a vintage 1960's spray ring... 2.5 carats of sapphires and 1.25 carats of diamonds!

She called to me from the shop window, "take me home or regret it forever."

I tried to walk away, but before we got to the end of the block, Robert the Enabler had deduced that she was me "as a ring."  And so we turned right back around, and asked how quickly she could be resized.  We had lunch at a little luncheonette, and an hour later she had taken up residence on my right hand... where she belongs ;-)

I took her home and named her "Little Edie." Little Edie because just like daughter Edith Beale from Grey Gardens, she's both eccentric and glamorous.

I like to imagine Little Edie back in the Swinging Sixties on the finger of a glamorous woman who wore mini skirts, big sunglasses, and cat's eye eyliner.  She threw fabulous cocktail parties in her mod decorated London townhouse, and Little Edie was there!

I just love imagining Little Edie's past life...

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