home tour: the bathroom

I love this place with all my heart, but it was the bathroom ("bad" on the floorplan) that sealed the deal for me.

The only thing that could've made it better would've been a deep soaking tub.  But in a country where a lot of showers are just a curtain, showerhead, and drain in the middle of the bathroom, I'm not complaining too loudly about the separate shower area...

I underestimated how stressful this selling project was going to be.  My upstairs neighbor is renovating, and inspection reports here take into account the whole property.  Our inspector was real asshole (pardon my French) and the inspection report looks like a trainwreck... like he individually listed every tiny little issue... e.g. loose tiles in the bathroom are listed 3 separate times (yet we can't seem to find them) and he listed the exposed brick in the bathroom and the distressed countertop in the kitchen as  major defects!!!  Then, there's the laundry list of stuff in the upstairs apartment that's listed as major issues because it's undergoing renovation and is not finished.

As a potential buyer, my first inclination upon just reading the report, as many prospects do before deciding to see a place, would be to run... run very far away from this property!  But we've spent several hours with the Realtor interpreting the report, and the conclusion is that the majority of it is "bollocks," to use Robert's vernacular ;-)

We're currently trying to fix "issues" we can barely see so this place will be poised to move in January when people start making good on their resolutions to make 2014 the year they stop renting.

I just hope our Realtor is competent enough to clearly explain the situation with the report.  I'm so grateful to have Robert as my partner in all of this.  He's so patient and supportive, and even though I know he's got 1001 things to do, he's taken the lead and I've never felt so well cared for in my life.

We'll finish the tour in the kitchen, then I'm off to Robert's for the entire Christmas break before we jet off for a long weekend in Rome just after the new year!

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