st. joseph

After I wrote about putting my apartment on the market, quite a few blog readers suggested burying a St. Joseph statue to encourage a quick sale.  Your stories were very inspiring, and I thank you for introducing me to St. Joseph, my Assistant Real Estate Agent :)

I'd never heard of burying a St. Joseph statue before, but it's apparently a well known practice.  So well known in fact, that you can by a St. Joseph home selling kit off of Amazon!

So I did :)

St. Joseph is now buried upside down in the pot of my favorite (and Opie-chewed) spider plant in the front window, next to the "Til Salg" sign!
If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you might know that I was raised Catholic, but now consider myself a Buddhist leaning agnostic.  You might wonder how I reconcile asking a Saint for help.

Well, I don't see it as asking a Saint for help as much as I see it as invoking the law of positive attraction.  I've gotten almost everything I've ever wanted in life, and I mostly attribute it to being a big time daydreamer.  I believe that daydreaming helps to manifest the things I want, or at least leads me to make the decisions that lead me to the things I want ;-)

The St. Joseph statue is another way to help me focus on the outcome I want, which is a quick sale at my asking price.

The real estate photographer was here today and after a quick look around, he said that he shoots over 1,000 properties a year and that mine is one of the coziest, most inviting properties he's seen and that he was, "from a personal perspective," looking forward to photographing it.  Creating this home has been a labor of love, and that was one of the best compliments anyone could've given me :)

Let's hope St. Joseph and the universe bring me a potential buyer who agrees...

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