it's on!

Man, what a whirlwind!  What have I gotten myself into? 

I signed with a Realtor yesterday afternoon and already, there's a For Sale sign outside, three Realtors have come for a viewing, there's a potential buyer, and we could have a showing as soon as tomorrow... yikes!

I've had to push off the property photographer from today until next Tuesday to give myself time to arrange a pick-up of the furniture I won't be moving or storing.  I guess it all could've stayed, but since I've already picked my darlings, it makes sense to cast off the rest now so my rooms look bigger. 

I feel like I'm not even close to ready for this, but would I ever be ready? There's nothing like jumping into the deep end to get one's rear in gear ;-)

The weirdest part about this experience so far is that I could have a buyer within the week, the month, or I could be waiting until spring.  It all seems so chaotic, which is difficult for this girl who craves order and stability in all things.

But, I have priced to sell, and according to the Realtors, I have a very cozy and charming home that's unlike anything else on the market right now.  I hope it grabs someone else's heart the way it did mine nearly four years ago :)

Fingers crossed, let's get this show on the road!

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