I love old amusement parks!  They were a big part of my childhood summers in New England, but most have either closed or been swallowed by big chains with licensing deals.

This amusement park is in the city center, and it reminds me of the one in photos I've seen from when my mother visited Holland in 1968.  It's all fountains, statues, gardens, and colors you want to eat! 

I went on the ferris wheel, and rode a silly little electric boat, I ate soft ice, and played minigolf.  It could not have been anymore retro fabulous if it wanted to!

I found a muse in this park, and I need go back alone, with my camera...

 I chose to overlook this stupid stereotype ;-)

This past month seems to have gotten away from me!  More on that soon, but I fully plan to be back and posting on a more regular basis from here on out :)