simple saturday

I awoke this morning to the sun shining through my lace curtains, the sound of Opie purring, and the soft touch of his paw on my face. I just love summer, and this snuggly orange cat!  

I had nowhere to be today, so I rode my bike to centrum, to the secondhand shops, and scored some really cool stuff...

Pictures were 50% off, so I got this for 20 kr. (about $3.50).  It's scraped in a few spots, but that's part of its charm.  I've been wanting something to hang on my bathroom wall and vintage soap or cosmetic ads seemed too predictable, so this is perfect! And it's so cheap that I don't have to worry about whether or not it'll be damaged by humidity. 

I'm a sucker for heavy embroidery and eastern influences.  At home, I'm usually wearing some sort of crazy dress, so why not this one?  It was on the 20 kr. rack, but she charged me 45 (about $8).  I questioned it, but wasn't prepared to argue my case på dansk with a dour old woman, so I paid the 45 kr.  It was still a bargain and it is a charity shop, but they shouldn't count on any future clothing donations from me ;-)

The grocery stores here often have mini plants for sale.  They're adorable, but I'm usually at a loss for what to do with them.  I've thought about putting them in vintage teacups, but I can't decide whether or not I like that idea.  Today, I came across this little pot for 6 kr. (about $1) and now I have a home for one of those cute little plants!

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