jim morrison's grave

The high point of my trip to Paris was Père Lachaise Cemetery.  Père Lachaise is like stumbling upon a forgotten corner of an old estate and stepping into some sort of beautifully morbid fairyland.

I'll do a full post with photos, but I need a chance to get settled, so for now, I'll just post this one photo of me at Jim Morrison's grave...

A visit to Morrison's grave has been on my wish list since 1991, when I first saw The Doors movie and fell in love with Ray Manzarek's organ music, Jim Morrison's American Prayer, and the closing shots of the Cemetery.  Back then, it seemed improbable that I'd ever make it to Père Lachaise, but here I am!

Unfortunately, the bust was stolen in 1988, the original stone has been replaced, and they keep cleaning up the graffiti, which I think dilutes the experience, though I can see why the families of the surrounding graves would be opposed to the mess ;-)

Rebellious girl that I am, I managed to jump the fence in those heels and that itty bitty skirt, sit on Jim's grave, get photos of it, and jump back over without getting caught.  It was definitely one of the top 10 experiences of my life!

More Paris to come.

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