In my travels, fleamarkets are always at the top of my sightseeing list.  Parisian flea markets are world famous, so I looked forward all week to Saturday, when I'd go treasure hunting in the biggest and most famous of the Paris fleamarkets, Clignancourt!

Clignancourt is actually made up of a dozen or so small markets which are mostly indoor stalls arranged along small streets and alleys, with some storefronts mixed in.

The area has a lot of upscale antique dealers, so it's heaven for deep-pocketed collectors of Art Nouveau and Art Deco furnishings.  But I'm just girl with an old soul and an eclectic style looking for unique vintage stuff at a reasonable price.  So, it was not a great fit.

Most of the merchandise at Clignancourt was pedigreed with a price to match, or junk with a price that didn't match ;-)  There was very little in between.

Even the clothes were mostly furs or vintage couture. One of the stalls had a Hermes Kelly Bag, in poor condition, and they were asking 3500€ for it!

I didn't really like the vibe of Clignancourt.  I was hoping to at the very least buy some vinyl records, but the starting price for anything in playable condition was about 15€, which is a bit steep for flea market prices and sellers with bad attitudes.

My vintage loving heart belongs to London's Portobello Market. I find Portobello Market much more interesting and accessible to treasure hunters of all persuasions and budgets.

So, I left empty handed.  Actually, the only things I brought back from Paris are 2 dreadful Eiffel Tower keychains, the bottle of red wine we didn't get around to drinking, a jar of Dijon mustard, and a box of Golden Grahams... yes, those Golden Grahams :)

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