gl├Ždelig jul

The Danes celebrate Christmas on the 24th with a traditional meal of duck or goose, sugar browned potatoes, brown gravy, and rice pudding, followed by singing and dancing around the tree, and presents.

Tonight, I'm sort of following Danish tradition, except the tree is a tiny tabletop edition and there won't be any singing, dancing, presents, duck, or goose.  

There will, however, be an elegant vegetarian meal:

tempeh and mushroom fricassee 
mashed potatoes
haricots verts w/ warm shallot vinaigrette
california zinfandel 
apple pie

Most of the menu is a maiden culinary voyage.  Hopefully it'll end better than the Titanic.  If it does, I'll post recipes! If it doesn't, we'll never speak of it again ;-)

Opie and I wish you a lovely day!  I'm headed back to the kitchen, Opie is headed for another nap...

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