just one more...

I'm taking my practical driving test tomorrow, and I hope that all goes well and I can be done with this nonsense forever.

Really, enough is enough.  I can understand requiring a test to ensure that people driving here understand road signs, speed limits, etc.  But I have real issues with the hassle and expense of the current process, and I question why it was so necessary to change it when up until several years ago you could simply trade-in an non-EU license for a Danish one.  What has changed in Americans' driving skills between then and now?

Tomorrow's contribution to the license conversion extortion ring will include $200 - $300 for a car because I have to take the test in an official driving school car, not the car that I'm actually driving on a daily basis; I especially appreciate that this car is at least half a length longer than my car and that I'll have to parallel park it.

Then there's another $200 - $300 for an interpreter who my instructor says "isn't very good" but is registered with the local police, and is pretty much my only option.  Hopefully she at least knows "venestre" from "højre" på engelsk.

Then there's the money I've paid for "teach to the test" classes, "driving lessons," sample tests, and the study guide, not to mention untold hours of time away from work and other priorities preparing for and coordinating all of this.

I just don't understand why they make it so difficult for people.  I'm fortunately in a situation where these expenses will not break me, but I know there are many other expats who are not as fortunate.   
Anyway, I hope that in less than 24 hours, this mess will be finished. I even skipped today's workout so I don't risk being sore, lest I be less than smooth on the clutch, or unable to properly "orientate" before "indicating" and turning.

My sincerest thanks to everyone who has cheered me on through this whole dreadful process and I ask for one last prayer, good karma charge, or whatever you can offer.  I need to wake-up on Wednesday morning without this hanging over my head, I need positivity back in my life.