I feel like this snail crawling backwards.  

I've been studying night and day for my driving test.  Today, I mock tested with a driving instructor and she said, and I quote, that I'm... "an excellent driver."

Well, yeah :)  Denmark likes to think that Americans get their licenses from Froot Loops boxes, but I actually did take a driver's ed course and I do actually have a 21 year clean driving history in crazier traffic than Denmark can imagine.  But whatever floats their boat and puts money in the till ;-)

Then she reviewed my practice theory tests, asked me some questions, and said I'm more than ready to take the test!

The clouds were giving way to blue sky and sun, angels were singing, weight was being lifted from my shoulders!

Then, we went online to schedule the theory test and all hell broke loose because the kommune didn't enter my doctor's certificate into the system, and therefore, it was impossible to schedule a test date. 

So she called the kommune and the best case scenario is they have a copy "on file," worst case scenario is I have to get a duplicate from my doctor.

Except, there isn't a duplicate.  She filled it out in hard copy and gave me the original.  It had to be in a sealed envelope, so I didn't take a copy for myself.  This form quite possibly may have vaporized on a random afternoon back in June as people were clearing their desks for holiday!  Did I mention that I waited 5 weeks for an appointment to get this precious form? 

I cannot make this stuff up!!!!

So, yeah... hurry up and wait again.  The "system" depresses me.  There's too much chaos these days, I need some peace.