beier beirette

Secondhand shopping is so much more fun with a partner!

Well, until that partner gets one step ahead of me and ends up scoring something like this amazing mint condition 1964 East German Beier Beirette 35mm film camera for 50 kr. (less than $9), while I go home with nothing.

Now, that's not fair!

Just kidding :)  I'm happy that this little vintage beauty found a great home with a photographer who will cherish her.

I'll get the next one...

P.S. I'm taking my driving theory test tomorrow.  I feel well prepared, but terrified of failing; if I fail the test, I'll lose my temporary license.  However, I'm at peace knowing that if I fail, it won't be due to lack of effort or preparation.  Please pray, or keep your fingers crossed for me.  I cannot handle a setback like that right now.  I'll report back with good news tomorrow :)

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