venetian masks

Every city has its main tourist souvenir.  In Venice it's €10 Carnival masks.  They're dreadful and I wish I'd thought to take a photo for comparison's sake.

But, in the less traveled streets, the mascherari still produce intricate paper-mache masks by hand.  They're not cheap, but they sure are beautiful!

Had I not wasted 2+ hours of my life watching Tom Cruise hack his way Kubrik's ridiculous Eyes Wide Shut, I might've been tempted to buy one.

Or not. I probably don't need to be home alone in this old house at night with one of those masks staring down at me. I've got enough to worry about with the spiders/bats/no window screens situation.

Most shops don't allow photos, but I didn't see a sign prohibiting photos in this shop, and the mask maker was busy with a customer so I went stealth with my point & shoot ;-)

Aren't they spectacular?

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