Elia is an enormous sculpture by Danish artist Ingvar Cronhammar.  It sits in the middle of nowhere an old grain field in Herning, Denmark.

There are 4 staircases that lead to the top, 11 metres above the ground.  The view from the top was pretty anti-climatic, it was sort of like looking down into an empty parking garage, but the steps were quite tall, so I took it as an opportunity to sneak in an extra glute and hamstring workout ;-)

Apparently, if Elia is struck with lightning, a 9 metre tall flame will shoot out of the middle.  Judging by its location, I'm not sure we'll ever be able to confirm that.
But, I didn't make the trip to Herning just to see this beast, I was actually visiting HEART to see the Jacob Holdt exhibit.

I was ready to dismiss Holdt as a socialist with an agenda, but I've been moved and enlightened by his story, his humanitarian work, and his photos.

This is about to turn political, so I'll zip it... and go file for an absentee ballot :)