too many projects

I've somehow managed to start too many projects!

The natural wood thresholds didn't look right against the new hallway floor, and so they all need to be painted 3 coats of white. Keeping Opie away long enough for them to dry is a project in and of itself!

The dining chairs have finally gotten their last coat of white and are about to be reupholstered with upcycled fabric from a vintage tablecloth. The fabric cutting part of this project is stressing me out because it's game over if I screw it up, and math is not my strong suit!

I also repainted the frame on a secondhand mirror, but I can't hang it until I've got someone to help me with the positioning.

And somehow, the drapery rod suddenly fell off the wall in my living room! I've rehung it, but now the old holes need to be patched and painted. Oy vey!

I think I liked this Saturday better.
But, how I love my home! It's the perfect girl nest :)