copenhagen shoes & vintage

Yesterday was an amazing day in Copenhagen! I went early, stayed late, and the whole day focused on two of my favorite things... vintage shops and shoes!!!

I didn't actually buy anything, but I did see some lovely things...

A pink Valantino suit with black polka dots, which was love at first sight, but honestly, where would I ever wear such a thing?

Then there was a vintage Birkin bag... I covet The Birkin, but accept that I'll never own one. And besides, it was tan and if I were going to pay a king's ransom for a handbag, I'd pick a sensible color like black or red. Not that tan isn't sensible, but *yawn*.

One shop had a whole section of vintage wedding dresses, which were amazing, especially the flapper style one that was still in great condition.

There was also a silk Diane von Furstenberg dress that would've been a steal had it not been too big in the waist.

And a turquoise robe with beautifully decadent ruffles, worthy of Hollywood royalty, but alas, made for someone much taller than me :(

On the shoe front, there were of course Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos, but no matter how beautiful they are, Sex and the City sort of beat them to death and I refuse to succumb to product placement.

So the highlight of my day was the Christian Louboutin shop. It was like a shoe museum... or a church, but unfortunately, they were sold out of my size in everything I liked. They offered to waitlist me for a pair of black patent leather pumps, but I passed because I really, really wanted the red pointy-toe pumps and they didn't have a waiting list for those, just a very long wait. Oh, how I long for those red soles! *sigh*

All of the shoes and vintage goodness reminded me of this photo:

From a vintage shop in Siena, Italy.

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