my first (and last) danish xmas party

Well, my dear readers, I'm nursing a Hall of Fame hangover. Yep, this is definitely top 3 material, right up there with the one I got from drinking too much Chianti in Siena, and the 2 day version I got after I mixed beer, wine, and shots at my first Danish 30th birthday party.

To make matters worse, I may or may not have begun worshiping the porcelain god early... like on the bus early. Bloody hell, I'm too old for these kinds of shenanigans!

It's not exactly that I drank too much, it's that I drank cheap wine and didn't eat enough or drink any water. I was drinking a Chilean Carmenère, and likely a sub $5 bottle at that! I hate Carmenère and I hate cheap wine!!! Perhaps cheap beer would've been the better choice. Or maybe I should've just skipped the cheap booze altogether!

After springing for a cab to the bus station in the pouring rain, a 40 minute bus ride and huddling in a bus shelter in a hail storm waiting for someone to come rescue me in a car and drive me the rest of the way to the party, I was ready for a good time. However, it seemed more like a work dinner than a party and I probably would have had a better night snuggled up with Opie on the sofa watching Sex and the City, spending my wine calories on a big plate of french fries.

But live and learn. I've been to a Danish Christmas party, and next year I can stay home without wondering what I'm missing :)