new mattress

I've been putting off buying a new mattress mostly because I had no clue how to do it. There's one place in bikeable distance that sells mattresses and they pretty much cost as much as all of my furniture combined. On principle, I had to find an alternative.

So, I ended up ordering a mattress online and I was feeling pretty accomplished... finding it, ordering it, scheduling delivery in Danish all went very well, until...

It was a cold and rainy night (really, it was!)...

When I answered the door, the mattress was leaned up against my mailbox and the delivery guy was making a quick get away. I called after him, "Undskyld," and he came back, but that's pretty much the extent of my Danish in this situation, so I asked in English if he was going to bring it in and he said he couldn't because it's "against the rules."

And then he was on his way again. Wait! What "rules"? Oy vey! Where I come from, they bring the mattress in, even to a second floor, they set it up, and they even make the bed for you!

I missed the fine print which said that they only deliver to the front door. It was there, but I didn't bother to translate that bit, so it's my own fault. Another lesson learned about life in Denmark.

I'd like to say I was calm in this situation, but I had a real Princess-style meltdown.

What? It was raining, I'm 157 cm tall, and the mattress is 140 cm x 200 cm. I seriously had no idea how I was going to deal with this. It's not like I have a small army of people I can call to come running over spur of the moment to help me lug a mattress inside.

Really, it's moments like that which remind me how truly alone I am over here. The internet makes it easy to forget that, but when it comes down to it, who am I supposed to call in a crisis?

After I got my Princess in check, I slid it inside and pushed and dragged it down the hall. All of those before the crack of dawn weight training sessions finally paid off! I got it into the bedroom, assembled the legs, and flipped it all by my tiny self, and without cracking the wooden legs :)

It's hard as a freaking rock, which will teach me to buy a mattress without trying it, but whatever. Another dreadful task is off of my "to do" list. Next!