home ownership chaos

I don't deal well with chaos, disorder, and things beyond my control. But everything seems so out of control at the moment.

I received and paid the plumber bill, because they clearly have me on ignore with no intention of addressing the missing piece. Luckily, I was able to charm the guy at the hardware store into giving me a replacement piece :) But, I’m still burned up about having to pay the (insane) bill when they so clearly screwed me over!

Now there’s water leaking into my bedroom from above and I have no idea where it’s coming from. The drywall is ruined, there's mold growing around my window frame, and the drip, drip, drip is keeping me awake at night. Earplugs don't help because I lie awake worrying that I'll oversleep because I won't hear my alarm!

Over the weekend, my neighbor tried to find the source of the drip, and now my bathroom window looks like this…

Oy vey!

To make matters worse, he’s apparently stirred up an angry nest of spiders! I’m not talking about daddy long-legs, I’m talking about legitimate spiders, the kind with thick, creepy legs and bulbous bodies! *shudder*

I sincerely hope they can’t survive a tumble in the Dyson. I have visions of them living on cat food, reproducing, and swarming me the next time I empty the dustbin.

My bathroom is torn apart, my bedroom wall is ruined, I’m kept awake by an invisible drip, and we can’t find the source. Oh, why didn't I rent? I hate being an American damsel in distress! Where's Prince Charming when I need him?

As with everything, I suppose this will also be sorted out in due time. Worrying and stressing change nothing, and so I'll do my best to make peace with this place in time. (how zen of me)

For now, I'll spend too long in a hot shower, light a fire, pour a tall glass of wine, watch a few episodes of Sex and the City, and try to fall asleep before the drip, drip, drip sneaks in and robs me of my hygge.