living room makeover

I was really leaning towards red, but it seemed too heavy and in a way, too masculine. I took a chance in the hallway and it paid off. After that, I knew there would be deep pink somewhere in my living space, but it seemed too bold a choice for the living room. But why? Once I asked that question, pink became the only choice for the living room.

Pink is a leap of faith... the wrong shade can be tacky, trashy, ugly, dated, Barbie-like, overpowering, and so many other shades of wrong. In order to work, it needs to be the perfect shade, so I let the inside of my favorite shoes be my inspiration...

Turns out it's also Pantone's color of the year. Who knew?

Ready for the great reveal?

Here's the room in the very beginning...

Then, I replaced the daybed with the thrifted sofa...

Then, I dove deep into the color pool...

And now I have a pink livingroom that's so me!

It's almost an exact match to the insole that inspired it, and now I'm a young(ish) woman who lives in a Kate Spade shoe!

I can't wait to accessorize! I'm going to add a mirror or some artwork over the sofa, and there's a whole end of the room that you haven't seen yet!

After a year and a half of searching, I finally found dining chairs this morning at the secondhand shop! They're upholstered in a dreadful country blue, but I'm going to redo them in cream and pink, which should lighten up the dining area.

I don't know about the sofa. I finally got rid of the homemade Febreze smell, but now I think it smells like cigarette smoke. I'm on the prowl for a replacement, but in the meantime, it works, for Opie. I sit on the pretty fringed one ;)

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