close call

When "they" tell you not to worry about how it looks in the can, it will look "just like the chip" once it dries, don't believe them.

The pepto bismal looking stuff in the can dried very red, but not a good red. It sort of reminded me of day-glo BBQ spareribs, like the ones they serve at chinese take out. It was so not good.

I fell asleep last night calculating what it would cost me to prime and repaint the room. That one 5 litre can of paint ran me $128, that's like $35 more than my "new" vintage sofa!!! This could've easily been a $500 disaster. Oy vey!

But, in the calmness and clarity of morning, I decided to see if it could be remixed. I went back tonight and explained that it was too dark, too red, and too saturated.

I'm afraid the paint store people are starting to know me as "that eccentric color-crazed American chick who is probably off somewhere right this moment ruining a perfectly white Scandinavian flat."

But I guess I sort of ask for it when I do things like bring in my Kate Spade leopard print pumps and ask them to color match the insole ;)

Anyway, the paint store guy had a good laugh and he was able to fix my paint. It's not exactly Kate Spade pink, but it looks great on my walls and that's what matters!

I'm literally about a cup short on paint and will need to buy another 5 litres to finish (ugh!). Maybe I'll give it a 3rd coat, just to make sure the spareribs aren't poking through...

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