what color will it be?

The wind beneath my decorating wings is in Seattle for a week and I'm itching to paint my living room. Actually, it's good that he's in Seattle because he's of the opinion that I should hang some artwork and mirrors and call it good, but then again he's the one who was pushing white with lavender undertones in the hallway. I'm not so sure he's to be trusted in matters of color ;-)

I adore the bohemian interiors at Moon to Moon and bohemianhomes.tumblr. Though I could never live with that amount of clutter, I love the textures, colors, and general laid back lived-in vibe of those spaces.

So, my dear readers, what color should I paint my living room?

My heart tells me it should be red. I had a red formal living room in Connecticut. I loved it, yet never spent enough time in it. But that's the way it goes with "special" rooms.

Here in Scandinavia, it's mostly overcast and dark 18 or so hours a day during the winter, so I know that red could easily close the space and make it too dark and depressing.

I've also considered a light sage green, but I think it's too modern for me. Rose is a strong contender, but I was planning to paint my bedroom pink, so I'm hesitant to use it in the living room. It's a short leap into Barbieland.

If this were your room and you didn't have to junk up your house with man colors, and you were drawn to the bohemian side of life, what color would you paint?

P.S. I'm still at a dead end with my license. I won't bore you with the details, but things are bad enough that the bus scenario is actually looking less painful than converting my license. If you ever find yourself wanting to move to Europe, may I suggest any country other than Denmark? This is not the place for expats who are here for any reason other than love. At a point, a hot viking is the only thing that would make this worth the hassle.

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