spring cleaning

This was the moment where I looked around at the chaos and said, "what the hell am I doing?" "I lugged all of this across the Atlantic?" There was stuff everywhere!

But, spring cleaning needs to be done, and I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from watching dirty water swirl the drain, and seeing everything all clean and put away!

I scrubbed the cabinets, woodwork, and fridge; vaccumed the drawers; tamed the under sink area; polished the vent hood; scrubbed the counters; cleaned my small electrics; bleached the sink; washed the windows; and steam cleaned the cooktop and the floors.

And it does look lovely, if I do say so myself :)

It takes time to learn how to live in a space and I finally feel like it's mine. I'm anxious to move on to the other rooms!

Now that it's not so frigid, I'll restart my Saturday tours of the secondhand shops. I'm looking for picture frames, I'd like to print and hang some of my photos. I also need a set of bedside lamps, and hopefully some blinds that I can make into roman shades with the silk I bought in Thailand. Curtains would be nice, and a set of chairs to go with my antique dining table.

We don't turn our clocks ahead until March 27, but spring is in the air, and not a moment too soon!

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