When I signed the contract to move to Denmark, I was told that my employer would provide income tax assistance with my foreign return for the first 2 years.

Since the Danish system calculates our taxes automatically and I am living in Denmark, I thought that the "foreign return" was the US return. Except, I was wrong.

This morning, I received the following reply to my request for assistance:

Hi Sage,

I’m sorry to disappoint you but you are only entitled to assistance with your Danish tax return and not the US one. You have the appendix valid for local hires from abroad and they will only be assisted with their Danish Tax return. If you have no other agreement than this appendix, I’m not able to help you. Sorry!

I hope you will find a way to solve the US tax return yourself.

Best Regards,


How nice of them to help me with the "return" that isn't even a return!

I am beyond angry that I've been dumped in the middle of a new country without any help finding a place to live, setting up a bank account, getting a CPR number, navigating the healthcare system, etc. etc. But this one takes the cake!!!

How the hell am I supposed to pull a rabbit out of a hat this time??? It's hard enough finding an electrician, how am I supposed to find a US tax accountant in this freaking place?

I am angry. I feel defeated. I don't know where to turn and I'm tired of everything being so difficult. I'm ready to cry "uncle" or just cry because just when I think I've finally reached cruising altitude, someone cuts the engine, again.

If I were a weaker person, I'd list my flat and go home. But I'm not going to quit that easily. My Danish might suck and I might perpetually feel like I've been alternately kicked in the teeth and punched in the stomach, but it's going to take a lot more than that to run me out of town.

But, sometimes it feels like too much. Just too much for one person to handle alone. I keep telling myself it gets easier. But when? It's been almost a year. When does it get easier?

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