homemade napkins

When life hands you granny fabric, make napkins!!!

Awhile back, I was given a stack of quilting fabric that was more Grandma Walton than Sage & Simple. I struggled with what to do with this fabric, and then it struck me... napkins!!!

The first batch of 23 is done :)

Here are my sewing instructions for homemade fabric napkins:

1) Cut fabric squares of 17" x 17" (or whatever size makes you happy). This left me with some smaller pieces that I will make into snack napkins to use with tea, dessert, etc.

2) Iron in a 1/4" hem on all 4 sides, then another 1/4" hem to tuck in the raw edge.

3) Miter the corners. You can also leave them square, but I have perfectionist tendencies so I mitered mine :)

4) Sew all the way around the edge. Voila!

Not only have I given life to this not so hip looking fabric, but these cloth napkins are going to save trees and save me money! Finding another way of beating that 25% VAT makes me happy :)

P.S. Happy new year!

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