If a more beautiful place exists, I'd love to see it! I cannot even begin to describe Rome for you in words, so I will try to show it to you in pictures.

Until I saw it for myself, I could not even hope to imagine or comprehend this place. To say I've been gobsmacked would be an understatement. How do I begin to describe an ancient city where ruins and art are part of the urban landscape? I can't.

Last night, I wandered out looking for the Colosseum. I was buried deep into my map, looked up to get my bearings, and there it was, to my left, at the end of a cobblestone street right where I wasn't expecting it. And that's how Rome is, there's incomprehensible beauty everywhere.

I've shot 8 gigs of photos here, so there are plenty more coming, but here's a sampling of my first mindblowing hours in Rome...

You haven't seen anything, yet! The Colosseum, The Palatine, The Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, The Palazzos, the cafes, the winding cobblestone roads with the most beautiful colors I've ever seen, I'm wide-eyed and in awe that I'm able to visit such a beautiful and ancient place!