the learning curve

I definitely underestimated the difficulty of living in a foreign country. Last Saturday, I took on the adventure of getting my first Danish haircut. I'd been warned that this could be a tragic and even catastrophic event, but I'm short haired girl at heart. I've grown my hair long many times, but really, I'm a bob girl and nothing, not even a language barrier or the threat of dull scissors was going to get between me and a bob.

I'll post more about that later, but the point of this post is to talk about another example of the learning curve of living abroad.

The easiest way I've found to style a bob is by using one of those hot air curling brush things. No matter how good a power inverter you have, it's pretty much universally accepted that blowdriers and the like will not survive the conversion, and I'm really not into messing around with 220 volts next to my hair and face.

I could not find a suitable hot air curling thingy (magic hair wand?) locally, so I ordered one from Amazon UK. Even after getting scolded by post office demon for not speaking Danish, this seemed like an excellent plan until I opened the package and realized that UK plugs are different from Danish plugs.

Are they kidding me? It's like 2 hours away by plane!

I get that I ordered from a UK site, but this not so magic hair wand is available for shipment to all of Europe! It shipped from Germany! So why would I expect it not to work on mainland Europe??? Shouldn't it have been clearly marked as UK only?

I can't even think about the hassle of shipping this thing back, so I'll have to find and use yet another kind of adapter with it. I miss the days when I could just plug my appliances into the wall and have them work. These days, at a minimum, I need a plug adaptor, but in most cases, I need a 40 lb. power inverter. Good times!