When I was a little girl, Halloween always trumped Christmas as my favorite holiday. This may be due in part to autumn being my favorite season, or because Halloween was a once a year chance to embrace my inner princess, fairy, or bobby soxer. Or maybe it was all of the free candy. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Butterfingers, Raisinets, KitKats, and Dubble Bubble were my favorites. Three Musketeers, Milky Way, Mounds, and Almond Joy were my least favorites, and I happily traded 3 to 1 for my favorites when I was lucky enough to find someone who was willing to negotiate!

Halloween traditions are slowly making their way to Denmark and I can always count on my friend and fellow expat Tara to keep our American traditions alive on this side of the pond. Her husband was born on Halloween, so of course she threw an all-American Halloween/birthday party complete with hot apple cider, Rice Krispie Treats, and jack-o-lantern carving!

These jack-o-lanterns are much cooler than the ones I used to carve, but that's what happens when you give designers a table full of pumpkins, markers, and knives! Nice work, guys!

To most people reading this blog, these look like six carved up pumpkins, but really, they are a Halloween miracle.

Pumpkins were available at most grocery stores, but disappeared in mid-October. I figured this out yesterday when I ended up trekking all over town looking for a pumpkin only to come up empty handed. Tara's pumpkin search was also unsuccessful, but her neighbor surprised her by scoring the last Danish pumpkins from a florist (go figure!), thereby saving Halloween and her husband's birthday celebration!

We didn't have to resort to the back-up plan of carving squash :)