going to italy!

One of the things I most looked forward to about living in Denmark was the opportunity to travel Europe in a way that few Americans can.

The dust from the move is settling, I'm launching a major project at the end of the month, I'm stressed beyond belief, and I have 6 weeks of vacation time, so November is a perfect time to take a trip!

Italy was kind of a random choice. I've always been more of a France girl, but airfare to Rome was cheap, and Europe is a big continent, so that's how I'm doing it, one city at a time as the opportunities come along.

I don't really have a game plan for this trip. I'll bring my camera and a list of secondhand shops. I plan to eat, drink coffee, taste wine, take photos, and pinch myself often. I'll of course eat gelato, but I'll steer clear of any nonsense like retracing the steps of Elizabeth Gilbert or eating gelato at that Crispy Saint place she wrote about. This is my adventure and while I loved Eat, Pray Love, I don't really get the point of retracing someone else's steps.

That reminds me, I was planning to take a crack at NaNoWriMo, but now that I'll be galavanting around Rome, and possibly Florence and Naples in November, I'll need to postpone that creative exercise until December. It's just as well. I'll have more time, and hopefully more to write about then.

If you've got any suggestions for things to do and see in and around Rome, Florence, and Naples, don't be shy. I'm going to buy a guide book or two, but I like personal recommendations best :)

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