boarding opie

I've been going to Danish class, doing my homework, making a conscious effort to at least attempt to read my own mail, etc. But there are no two ways about it, learning a new language is tough!

Next to the Unit Converter on my iPhone, Google Translate is the most useful tool in my life, but sometimes, just like the weather app on my iPhone, it lies.

One of my friends feeds Opie when I'm out of town and I feed his cat when he's out of town. It's a nice arrangement, until we're both out of town at the same time.

Not having someone to take care of Opie would've been a tripstopper, but another friend recommended a cat hotel. Of course the website is in Danish, so Google Translate to the rescue (or not)! Everything looked cool until I read:

"Castrated mature male cats are not accepted."

This makes absolutely no sense. Normally, I'd assume it's a typo, but who knows how things work here? People do wear a disturbing amount of fur in Denmark... just sayin' :(

I was totally stressed out wondering what I was going to do with Opie. Could he pass for a girl? Given his size and the fact that most orange cats are males, not bloody likely!

I finally got a live (reliable) translation via a friend, and it turns out Google was wrong and the policy in question is just the opposite. Crisis averted!

Come February, Mama will be relaxing on the beaches of Thailand and Prince Opie will be living it up in a king size suite at the cat hotel.

More details to come, but isn't he a handsome boy?

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