finding an electrician

I have a bit of PTSD from trying to deal with Danes over the phone in English, so it was time to get creative :)

I used Google Translator and worked my way through the online yellow pages, emailing a few electricians a day in English, until one wrote me back. Actually, only one wrote me back, but I only needed one so I won't take my 90% failure rate personally. My skin is getting thicker everyday!

The days are getting shorter and while I love the concept of "hygge", trying to live by TV and candlelight was getting old, so I needed to take care of this sooner rather than later. 650 DKK (about $120 US) per hour was a semi-high, but ok rate. But the 810 DKK (about $150 US) they were going to charge for a dimmer switch was ridiculous so one of my coworkers came the rescue by taking me to a hardware store where I was able to get one for a much more reasonable price of 269 DKK (about $50 US).

Anyway, I'm pleased to show you my not so finished living room complete with the crystal chandelier I've long dreamed of, and the thrifted velvet sofa!

The pocket doors and woodwork need to be painted, but it's going to be a long winter, so I've got plenty of time. I'd also like to get some curtains and a bookcase, but easier said than done. Someday, I will luck out at the thrift shops, or get hold of a car and make a pilgrimage to IKEA. Until then, I'll try not to think too much about it.

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