no habla dansk

Last night I received a letter from the Sprogcenter (language school). I'm trying to enroll in Danish classes, so obviously I can't speak or read Danish, but the letter is in Danish. I totally get that I'm living in Denmark, and I don't expect most things to be in English, but I'm really trying to adapt and I don't think it's unreasonable to expect the language school to send me a letter in a language I understand.

Anyway, I had to wait until this morning before I could have it translated. I suppose I could've used Google translator, but I don't have a Danish keyboard at home, and what's a few hours?

The letter is dated August 3 and is informing me that I have an appointment today (August 5) at 1PM to assess my language level. Um, I can tell them without a meeting that I'm definitely a beginner.

I work 30 km away, I don't have a car and the notice is a bit short considering I'll need to take the bus that leaves around 11:30, I don't have a bike today, and I'll need the afternoon off in order to make this meeting.

I am trying to integrate, but they do not make things easy!

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