learning danish

When I imagined learning a second language, I always expected that it would be French. But life often involves changes in plans, and so it turns out that my second language will be Danish.

I've known this for awhile, but now that I'm officially enrolled in language school, it's real. It's kind of like moving to Denmark, but not really moving to Denmark until my visa stamp was issued.

In return for my generous tax contributions, I'm entitled to three years of "free" Danish classes. I'll have three intensive classes per week in a small group for the first two weeks, then move to a larger group twice a week. After 4-5 months, I'll take (and hopefully pass) the module one exam, move up, and repeat for a total of 6 modules.

I'm excited to learn a new language, but I'm not looking forward to spending 5 hours a week in class then biking home after working all day. It's not too bad now, but it will be a whole different story in the fall when it rains everyday, or in the winter when it's bone chillingly cold, pitch black by 4PM, and often raining.

It will be nice to read my mail and not feel sheepish when I enter a shop and they greet me in Danish. I just wonder how long it will take until I don't feel silly speaking it.

Have you learned a new language as an adult? I'd be grateful for any advice or tips you have to offer...

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