veggie wraps

Lately, there has not been enough talk about food on this blog! I have been cooking and eating, but too busy to write about it. I've mastered falafel yet again and have discovered a delicious new sauce for it. I've unlocked the key to super creamy, almost Sabra style hummus. I used my German ricotta stash to make manicotti, but had to use cannelloni wrappers, which I stuffed using my cookie press because I couldn't find my preferred egg roll wrappers. And I've started making homemade pita chips to go the the aforementioned hummus!

I will blog about the most interesting of those kitchen adventures soon, but in the meantime, here is a very simple, no cook veggie wrap recipe that was a lifesaver while I was waiting for my shipping container to arrive...

2 oz herbed or garden veggie cream cheese
3 T mayonnaise
3 T dijon mustard
shredded lettuce
thinly sliced veggies of your choice

Whisk together the cream cheese, mayonnaise, and dijon mustard. Spread a bit down the middle of a tortilla and arrange your thinly sliced veggies on top of it. Here, I just used lettuce, tomato, and red pepper, but cucumber, mushrooms, red onion, etc. are also delightful, as is hummus in place of the cream cheese mixture.

Dab the ends of the tortilla with some of the cream cheese mixture (to seal it) then roll the tortilla tightly and cut diagonally into halves or quarters.

I brought this to a garden party as an appetizer and it was a total hit!

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