thrifted sofa

I think I used up all of my good sofa karma when I found the vintage velvet sofa back in April. It's totally my dream sofa, but I also wanted something a bit bigger and more cozy. I've been diligently stalking the thrift shops since early May to no avail.

I contemplated buying something new, but I'm naturally drawn to older things, so I waited it out. In Connecticut, I had a house full of pretty new things that never felt comfortable.

For once I felt free to wait for the perfect thing and the perfect thing wasn't at all what I'd expected. I was drawn one afternoon to an antique bed. It's a twin, and I already had a bed, but instead of a sofa, why not have a sort of daybed in the living room? Yes!!! It's perfect :)

The bed with mattress was 350 DKK delivered (about $60 US). I spent another 600 DKK (about $100 US) or so on pillows and a quilt, and voila! A "sofa" I love for well under $200, I gave some money to charity, and this bed has another life. Its a win-win-win :)

It's a perfect spot for reading, knitting, watching movies, snuggling Opie, and pretty much everything! Visitors love it, I have a comfy sleeping place for houseguests, and all of a sudden the prospect of the long Nordic winter doesn't seem so bad when it's spent snuggled up with a purring kitty on a cozy daybed next to the fire :)

Things are shaping up around here...

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