not so fast

Right now, I'm supposed to be collecting the keys to my new flat, but like everything associated with this move, there's another last minute change of plans.

A couple of hours ago, I checked my old email account and saw two emails my bank advisor sent yesterday...

One informing me that the money had been transferred to the seller, along with the equivalent of about $10K to the real estate agent. This freaked me right out, because I thought the seller was paying the listing fees, but since I can't actually read any of the documents I signed, it would be completely plausible that I agreed to pay the listing fees.

The phone menus are all in Danish, so it was impossible for me to reach my advisor until a Dane rescued me by navigating the phone menu. It turned out that my freak out was completely unnecessary and it was just a misunderstanding due to what seems to be an ever widening language barrier. The real estate fee was deducted from the sum transferred to the seller, so my expense was exactly as I was expecting. Phew!

We also discussed the contents of email number two... Ejerskifte! Ejerskifte is insurance that covers the cost to repair anything that was not documented in the inspection report.

The person who paraphrased my Ejerskifte policy, mentioned that the quote was valid for six months. What I didn't know is that my right to purchase the policy expires as soon as I accept the keys.

Since the policy needs my signature and I was on the other side of town, without a car, and this information was revealed less than two hours before a 45 minute bus ride and 15 minute walk to the flat, I had to reschedule the key hand off. Next available time is Friday afternoon. *sigh*

This is frustrating and disappointing, but once the dust settles and I catch my breath and know for certain that I've actually pulled this off, I'll know that I can do anything I set my mind to. There's nothing like turning your entire world upside down and jumping into the rapids without a life vest to show you what you're made of...