I officially own foreign real estate!!! By "officially" I mean I've assumed a 14% interest loan until the government officially processes my more reasonable loan, and I'm in debt for a property to which I don't have keys.

But the real point of this post is to talk about Eurovision!!!

Eurovision is a European song contest where artists compete in their home country for the opportunity to compete in the semi-finals. Voting is done American Idol style via SMS messaging, you can't vote for the country you're calling from, and the 25 highest scoring acts go on to the finals.

Saturday night, I attended my first Eurovision Finals "Gala" and I'm completely smitten with Milan Stanković from Serbia...

I know you're probably thinking that the stress of the move has gotten to me and that I've finally cracked, but...

I love that he so clearly loves to perform! I love his silly outfit! I love his hair! And I love his choreography! Milan makes me smile and yes, I do sing his song in the shower :)