blå sko

I cannot overemphasize the importance of practical shoes in my life right now. For more years than I'm going to count, my daily footwear has been along the lines of those Kate Spade leopard print pumps at the top of my blog. I was a shoe hound long before Carrie Bradshaw took the obsession mainstream and both of my grandmothers were shoe hounds in their day, but there's nothing like a carless life among cobblestone streets to make a girl rethink her priorities.

"Sko" is Danish for "shoes" and naturally, it's one of the first Danish words I've learned. I was fully prepared to pay 199 DKK (about $33 US) for these blå sko, but no need, they rang up 74.50 DKK (about $12 US) and the next day, I scored an adorable blå kjole for 49 DKK (about $8 US) at a thrift shop! Together, they have an awesome retro vibe that's got me itching to bob my hair :)

My shipping container arrived last Friday! I'd forgotten how time consuming it is to set up house, especially when you have to factor in a trip to Germany to procure a Dyson!

All in all it's going well, with only a few casualties... one of the movers accidentally cut the top of my table with his box cutter; I stupidly stacked some plate weights atop a couple of plastic bins, the whole house of cards came down and dinged the heck out of my floor, and I nicked the edge of my wooden countertop with my Cuisinart.

More outright casualties include a cool green vase, but I'm grateful it wasn't the Tiffany vase, and a glass teapot whose lid I dropped because I didn't realize it was double wrapped inside a little dip bowl.

There have also been some minor but annoying damages, like the edge of one of my tables is nicked, a piece of trim fell off of my vintage dresser and got left behind in Connecticut, and a bit of the finish is coming off of my jewelry box.

But when you figure how far all of this stuff had to travel, that's not too bad and thankfully, none of my favorite pieces have been lost or ruined.

It's slowly coming together, and there will be photos soon...

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