walking street

In the town where I live, most of the shops are found on this walking street. Bikes are allowed, but cars are not.

The street has everything from green grocers and grocery stores to housewares, H&M, jewelry stores, cafes, chocolate shops, pizza places, kebab houses, and soft ice bars. The upper levels of the buildings are mainly apartments.

I love how the shops set their merchandise outside! I was walking home from the bus one afternoon and found the most adorable pair of ballet flats outside one of the shops. I immediately fell in love, and probably wouldn't have seen them had they not been outside.

A major difference between life in Denmark and life in the US is the shopping culture. On weekdays, most shops are closed by 6 PM. On Saturdays, most close by 2 PM. And on Sundays and holidays they don't open at all. Even the main grocery store closes at 8 PM and only opens on the first Sunday of the month until 5 PM. There are a few grocery stores scattered about the city that have later hours, but learning those will take some time.