it never ends

On a technicality, I may be back to square one on a place to live. Because my employment contract has a clause that allows my company to terminate the contract within the first 3 months of employment, the bank will not give me a loan until August 1.

I've been working for the same company for nearly 4 years. Is it at all likely that they're going move me all the way over here, then terminate my contract? Probably not, but the only way around this issue is to get a letter from my company saying that they won't terminate the contract during the probation period. Seems like it shouldn't be an issue, but Legal may have another opinion.

So, let's just say I can't get the letter. Worst case scenario is the seller is sick of my American shenanigans, makes me pay the 1% breach of contract penalty, and decides to sell to someone else. Best case scenario is another 2 1/2 months of living like a gypsy with my belongings stashed all over town. I can't even begin to entertain the nightmare of putting my shipping container in storage for all this time.

Sometimes, I just have to wonder if it's a sign...