danish banking

Today, I received all of my Danish banking documents! I thought this was very cool, until I realized I can't read them :(

As a business traveler in Denmark, I've been spoiled by everything being in Danish and English. However, day to day life is a whole other experience. I realize now how much I've taken literacy for granted and this is a completely humbling experience.

I don't even know which of those is my credit card and which is my debit card! I also have no idea how to access online banking because that little calculator-like thing is a PIN code generator, but all of the menus are in Danish.

I'm learning bits of Danish here and there, mostly by reading and guessing, but I still can't speak a word of it and I feel silly every time I try. I can pretty safely navigate a restaurant menu, and I know that a "bilvask" is a car wash... it's the practical things that count ;)

Once I'm juggling a few less chainsaws, I'm going to sign up for Danish classes, but I just cannot take on another thing before I'm somewhat settled. So until further notice, I'll learn my Danish by walking around the grocery stores, and by randomly asking my Danish speaking friends what "insert butchered word here" means.

And in case you were wondering, my work laptop OS is half in English and half in Danish, with a Danish keyboard. The other day, I had to call the help desk and read them a Danish error message. I really need to get on those lessons...

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