counting down

A week from right now, I'll be enroute to Denmark. I should probably say, "enroute home" because Denmark is home now.

In a last minute snafu, Danish customs informed me that Opie's vet certificate needs to be signed by a USDA vet; there's only one in all of New England, but I will have it in time! My baby is far too big for SAS and far too heavy for Lufthansa to travel with me in the airplane cabin, so he will need to travel in cargo :( I tried every angle to avoid this, I even looked into sailing from New York to London, but none of the cruise lines allow cats.

Making the final preparations to leave the place I've lived for thirty-something years is weird. But I miss Denmark. Sitting in traffic surrounded by ugliness this morning made me really miss the Danish countryside and my Dollar Store outing confirmed that I will not miss the abundance of cheap crap that's so readily available here.

But in spite of knowing that I'm moving to a place that suits me much better than where I've been, there are parts of this adventure that are excruciatingly difficult and I hope for the strength to keep it together throughout this next week. Once this part is over, noone will ever be able to convice me that I can't do anything I set my mind to.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite things about my new city, the green grocers that have such delicious produce and lovely displays of plants and flowers at affordable prices (by DK standards).

I think I will try to splurge once a week on something beautiful and something delicious, Gerber Daisies (my favorite!) are everywhere, and not much beats getting off the bus a stop early, going to the bakery, and eating cake in the sun next to the canal.

I consider myself very lucky to be able to experience this lifestyle for the next 3 years and I'm looking forward to finally being settled and getting back to sharing my recipes and life abroad with you.

I know my blog has taken a different turn lately, and I appreciate your sticking with me. I promise to get back to cooking and sharing soon. Five months is far too long to live like a nomad, and I'm ready for the next chapter to start.

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