at home in denmark

It took me 27 hours to get to Denmark!!! I was delayed out of Boston, missed my connection in Frankfurt and had to wait 9 hours for the next one, which was also delayed. Thankfully, I was able to hang out in the Star Alliance Gold Lounge. But, the wifi service wouldn't take my credit cards, so no internet for me! After about 2 hours, I'd read all of the English newspapers, and I had to entertain myself for the next 7+ hours with people watching and German TV (no subtitles!). That got old fast!

Lufthansa staff weren't the friendliest people I've ever encountered, so during my Frankfurt detainment, I had no idea where Opie was, and no one was in a hurry to help me find him. So much for Gold status and a Premium Class ticket! Unless it's an emergency, I will never fly Lufthansa again.

When I finally arrived in Denmark, an empty cat carrier with my name on it came through the oversized baggage claim. I immediately thought the worst, but a nice woman calmed me down and soon reunited me with my orange angel who was sitting calmly in his carrier, no doubt freaked out by his transatlantic trek. I still have no idea why there was a second carrier. I suspect they temporarily moved him because the layover was so long, but I don't have a theory as to why they shipped the extra carrier from Frankfurt.

When Passport Control asked how long I was staying, it felt strange to say, "I live here." But I do, and now we're here waiting to move into our new place, and for our stuff to make it over on the slow boat from New Jersey.

The hardest parts are over. Let the adventure begin...