velorbis victoria classic

Rumor has it the Raleigh Glorie is actually built in Asia, so I'm reevaluating my bike options.

I was quite smitten with Velorbis Victoria Classic, but it's the most expensive bike I've considered, so I dismissed it as too boutique for daily riding. However, the Danish website has it for about $700 cheaper than the US. That's after the 25% VAT! So is it really too boutique for daily riding?

Granted, it's significantly more expensive than the Raleigh, but it's stunning, which is no surprise since it's designed in Denmark and built in Germany. I can't stop looking at it! It's got a Brooks saddle, hand grips, and mudflaps, built in dynamo lights, a lugged steel frame, and drum brakes. Love!!!

Since I'm leaving both of my cars behind, I could always buy a red Raleigh Glorie or that delicious VIVA juliett, to ride on perfect days. It could be my TT for a new continent...

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